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5mm thick extra strong carbon fiber shock tower is made for the TLR 8ight X buggy. it is 6 grams lighter than the stock tower and has settings to rase the wing mount 5 7.5 & 10mm higher than stock, it also has a row of camber link holes inside the orignal stock tower to have a longer tie rod setting. This tower is also machined to set the top of the rear shock back 2.5mm helping the car handle the bumps.  Please remember that its a carbon fiber part and you may want to CA glue the edge.


(NOTE: this tower sets the shocks back which can cause some bind with new plastic shock cap bushings) 


Note: must dremel approx. 4mm of plastic from the rear gear case when using the inner camber link holes.


Note this is a perfomance part, we will not accept returns or warranty the product once it has been installed on the vehicle.

8ight X carbon fiber rear shock tower -

SKU: tlr8gt
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