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This is a set of 4 - (X carcass version) PROTOZ 1/8 scale buggy tires (four tires and foams)


Our new X CARCASS designed tire is a completly new mold that has a .2mm thicker carcass & Three (3) times the sidewall support of our original (OG) tire designs. The new tire carcass is 3 grams heavier than the original which can be a advantage or disadvantage depending on the track conditions, this is why we still offer the OG version as well, and consider them to be Two (2) completely different tires that are utilized in different conditions. The thicker X carcass prevents the tire from swelling on accelaration which allowed us to develop new tire compounds that have less ridgidity and more elasticity.


These are Lugz RC Racing Tires first tire ever tread design which is why it has the name PROTOZ