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This is a set of 4 - (X CARCASS version) PROTO'Z 1/8 scale buggy tires


A great way to save money -

- On lots of abrasive surfaces the tires wear out before the inserts break down

- To make your racing more affordable you can now purchase just new tires

    and utilize your old inserts and acetoned wheels


Tire is designed for dusty abrasive tracks.

Tire has been developed to have allot of lug flex which helps prevent the tire wearing out

Tire has 3X the side support of our original tires, this helps keep the sidewall stable.

Tire has a large amout of surface area to help with tracktion on blue grooved surfaces 

-medium weighted tire

Designed for the West Coast - hot abrasive rough grooved tracks. 


The new 2023 SLIDE'Z tire is designed with 13 rows of medium size lugs along with micro small flexable lugs throughout, the tire is designed for tracks with high tire wear.


Our new X CARCASS designed tire is a completly new mold that has a .2mm thicher carcass & Three (3) times the sidewall support of our original (OG) tire designs. The new tire carcass is 3 grams heavier than the original which can be a advantage or disadvantage depending on the track conditions, this is why we still offer the OG version as well, and consider them to be Two (2) completely different tires that are utilized in different conditions. The thicker X carcass prevents the tire from swelling on accelaration which allowed us to develop new tire compounds that have less ridgidity and more elasticity.



Compound Chart: 

RED - 1/2 Longwear - medium compound - used in hot weather  

WHITE- 1/2 Longwear - Soft compound - used in mild weather

BLUE - 1/2 Longwear Extra soft compound - used in cold weather


GOLD - Soft compound (clay track) - used in mild weather

SILVER - Super soft compound (clay Track) - used in cold weather

BRONZE - Mega soft comound (clay track) - Used in extra cold weather





LUGZ RC JUST TIRES - SLIDE'Z 1/8 scale buggy -X carcass version

$52.99 Regular Price
$27.99Sale Price
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