this is a PRO-RC product:

Made for the TLR 8ight X - TLR 8ight XE - TLR 8ight X elite line of 8th scale parts

Material - 1mm thick carbon fiber


Note: carbon changes color in different light, some angel have a crome tint and others a white tint.  When install arm inserts into a used set of arms the inserts may not fit or will be tight because of the arm maybe bend or twisted from running on the track.


This is a option part that is stiffer than the stock plastic insert and softer that the stock 1.5mm carbon insert, this is also the thickness that allot of other manufactures use as there go to. 


Being a thin perfomance part there will be no warrant once this product is installed on the vehicle

Note: take your time installing these inserts and make sure to not overtighten the screws

(never use counter sunk screws with this product)

8ight X 1mm thick rear carbon fiber arm insert -multiple colors